Neighbourhoods - each with a character of its own

The villages of Winzenheim, Planig, Bosenheim and Ippesheim are well over 1,000 years old and - as indicated by the suffix “heim” in their names - were all established in Frankish times, during the period 500 - 900 in our calendar system. In 1939, a richly decorated Frankish princely tomb was discovered - an outstanding testament to this period. Today, it is a centrepiece of the vast collection housed at the Landesmuseum Mainz. Planig, Bosenheim and Ippesheim are the westernmost municipalities of Rheinhessen and have a landscape of gently rolling hills and vineyards. Winzenheim has always had a special relationship with Bad Kreuznach. The village maintained a watchtower that served as an outpost of the town wall. In return, the Winzenheim villagers were allowed to take refuge in the town when danger arose. These four municipalities became part of Bad Kreuznach in 1969. Winzenheim, Planig, Ippesheim and Bosenheim have retained their village character, though. The first three in particular are important wine-growing communities. With over 4,000 inhabitants, Winzenheim is the largest neighbourhood and a popular residential area owing to its favourable location in the north of Bad Kreuznach.

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