Medicinal water and radon as a remedy

With the powers of nature against the pain of rheumatism

Curative water, radon and physiotherapy - the Kreuznach rheumatism therapy helps with painful rheumatic diseases and musculoskeletal disorders. The therapy has proven itself for 100 years.

Heilwasser und Radon - das Kreuznacher Verfahren

With a comprehensive therapeutic concept and using the local remedies of healing water and radon, patients with painful rheumatic conditions have found help in Bad Kreuznach for over 100 years. Radon therapy is a natural radiation therapy in the healing gallery in the spa area. In the course of the therapy, pain ceases, medication can be discontinued or reduced, and the effect lasts for months. In combination with radon therapy, mineral water baths are administered. The healing earth packs, which are carried out in the waterbed of the Haslau tub, are a benefit with a deep effect. Patients enjoy moments of weightlessness combined with an intense warming effect that ensures complete relaxation. Massages, physiotherapy - especially in the exercise pool - ensure mobilisation and improvement of mobility. This results in a therapeutic mix of active and passive applications. Of course, the therapy is carried out under medical supervision.

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