Experience soothing relaxation through various forms of massage

Partial and full body massage

The classic massage is one of the oldest forms of treatment - relaxing and beneficial for body, mind and soul.

Mechanical and thermal stimuli loosen the muscles. This results in increased blood circulation, pain relief and thus a release of tension.


Connective tissue massage

The connective tissue massage serves to harmonise the vegetative nervous system.

This neural-therapeutic massage technique treats the reflex zones using strong, powerful tissue manipulation, especially into the connective tissue. Depending on the doctor's diagnosis, we can also help improve the condition of internal organs.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage cleanses the body of metabolic products.

Manual lymph drainage is used for swollen extremities or as a result of lymph congestion.

Lymph congestion can occur as a result of injuries, operations or the removal of lymph nodes due to cancer. Gentle circular or sweeping techniques are used to drain the lymph fluid from the tissues into the lymphatic system.

Foot reflex massage

The foot reflex massage triggers a neutral reflective reaction through certain grip techniques.

The application not only stimulates certain organ functions but also has a calming effect on pain. Carried out in series, a functionrestoring process takes place in the body. The goals here include the improvement of functional organic irregularities, the elimination of static-muscular problems, the alleviation of acute and chronic conditions and the stabilisation of the mental state.

Dorn-/Breuss therapy

Dorn therapy is a gentle manual treatment method that can quickly correct spinal and joint misalignments.

The correction takes place during movement, so that reflective tensions of the posture muscles are bypassed. The vertebra can thus be pushed back into the correct position with little effort. Breuss therapy is an energetic manual back massage in which the spine is stretched and congested energy is made to flow.

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