Medicial bath

Our baths serve to alleviate medical conditions, as part of a therapy or simply to relax.

Tub baths with thermal spring water or bubble bath with naturally warm, mineral-rich water

Tub baths with thermal spring water work via chemical and physical factors. On one hand through the dissolved ingredients, which are absorbed through the skin and the respiratory organs, and also through buoyancy and the water temperature. In this way, the baths gently stimulate circulation. The profound effect of the baths on the vegetative nervous and immune system provides patients with relief from rheumatic processes and restrictions of the musculoskeletal system. The fine air pearls of the tub bubbler intensify this effect.

The baths also have a holistic effect on the body and psyche; they help to reduce stress, alleviate pain and counteract skin diseases, such as psoriasis. The quality of our natural healing springs is constantly being improved. In 1999, the new "Theodorshaller Brunnen" spring was tapped at a depth of 500m and was officially state-approved  on 11 March 2005. It is a fluoride-containing sodium chloride thermal spring water which is rich in minerals. The exit temperature is 27° C.

Carbonic acid bath with thermal spring water / Carbonic

The carbon dioxide dissolved in the water is a direct vascular-dilating substance; this is reflected in a slight reddening of the skin during the treatment. The use of thermal spring water intensifies the effect of the baths. Lasting results of the carbonic acid baths include the promotion of coronary circulation, the improvement of venous circulation in the extremities, as well as the reduction of arterial blood pressure and adrenaline levels. The application also enables rapid healing of skin ulcers and inflamed or sore skin areas. It also prevents peripheral arterial circulatory disorders.

Medical bath with additives

Medical baths have many different properties. For example, they can have a skin-caring, circulation-enhancing, warming or simply relaxing effect. We offer you various bath additives for this purpose:

Oil bath with moisturising oils

Valerian oil bath

Melissa oil bath

Spruce needle oil bath

Rosemary oil bath

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