The power of the medicinal springs

Thermal medicinal water is Bad Kreuznach’s most important local remedy. The mineral water has a salt content of 1.5-2% and is pumped up from a depth of 500 metres. In Bad Münster, the Kurmittelhaus spa assembly rooms were erected over the Rheingrafen spring.

Medicinal and thermal water rich in minerals

Since 1817, brine (mineral water with a common salt content of at least 1.5%) has been used successfully to treat various conditions and diseases. Today it is used in bathing and inhalation treatments. The quality of the medicinal springs has undergone constant improvement. In 1999, the new medicinal spring named Heilquelle Theodorshaller Brunnen was tapped at a depth of 500 metres. It received official approval on 11 March 2005. The spring water is a sodium chloride brine containing fluoride.

Certified quality

The following criteria are fulfilled in compliance with the statutory requirements for spas and health resorts:
Medicinal water - the spring has far more than the minimum 1 g of dissolved mineral concentration. It has a total of 18 g per litre, which means the spring is designated a medicinal spring.
Thermal spring - the temperature of the salt water when it exits the ground is above 25°C and therefore fulfils the criteria for a thermal spring.

Our mineral-rich brine is used in the following facilities

  • crucenia thermen thermal baths
  • Crucenia Health Centre
  • Salinental valley open-air inhalatorium
  • Graduation walls and brine nebuliser in the Kurpark gardens
  • Outdoor inhalation park in Bad Münster am Stein Kurpark gardens
  • Drinking therapy at the Bad Münster am Stein Kurmittelhaus spa assembly rooms

Medicinal water baths promote well-being

Bathing in medicinal water helps patients suffering from complaints of the musculoskeletal system and especially those with rheumatic diseases.

Almost weightless

Bathing in thermal water allows the muscles, tendons and joints to be exercised gently with little pain in order to relax the muscular system. Brine is heavier than freshwater and creates greater buoyancy. Feeling almost weightless, patients can do their exercises more easily in the brine pool. These exercises are far more effective in the long-term than those carried out in normal water. Mobility is improved and pain stimuli reduced.

Medicinal water baths to improve fitness

Bathing in these waters has a holistic effect on body and psyche: it relieves stress, alleviates pain, and helps with skin conditions like psoriasis, for example. It is also particularly helpful in eliminating itching. The mineral content of the water suppresses the skin’s reaction to irritations, e.g. inflammation. The salt content of the thermal water acts as a passive training stimulus on the body and gently stimulates the circulatory system. The brine purifies the skin. Water is drawn out of the cell tissue, thus “flushing” the tissue and pleasantly cleansing the skin.

Brine inhalation: wellness for the airways

A walk through the kilometre-long Salinental valley open-air inhalatorium breathing in the briny air is soothing and beneficial for the respiratory system. In the Kurpark gardens of Bad Münster am Stein, there is a 100-metre long graduation wall that allows inhalation sessions in scenic natural surroundings.
With its view of the river Nahe and the thermal baths close by, Bad Kreuznach’s inhalation park in the Kurpark gardens is very popular in the summer. Two smaller graduation walls and a brine nebuliser produce the healthy brine vapour people come here to inhale. These tiny droplets penetrate deep into the bronchial tubes.

Unique brine nebuliser

The hustle and bustle of everyday life is quickly forgotten when you relax in the comfortable seating positioned around the nebuliser. The salty air contains an abundance of invigorating microparticles. These tiny water droplets in the air (aerosols) are electrically charged. They stimulate the blood circulation of the lungs and boost the transport of oxygen into the blood completely naturally, revitalising every cell in the body. The dissolved salt inhaled through the lungs supports the body’s own cleansing process and strengthens the immune system.
Brine inhalation helps alleviate hay fever, a range of grass allergies and even asthma. The Crucenia Health Centre also offers brine inhalation by means of inhalers. In this case, depending on the doctor’s instructions, brine in pure form or with added medication is inhaled deep into the airways with individual devices.

Drinking therapy – try it out!

A 150-year-old tradition: drinking therapies in the historical spa assembly rooms The Rheingrafen Spring is a sodium chloride thermal spring containing fluoride. The water contains 8,264 mg of dissolved minerals per litre and has a temperature of 29.7°C. In the pump room of the historical spa assembly rooms in the Kurpark gardens drinking therapies are seen as a beneficial refreshment.

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