Exercise pool individually or in a group

Improve your mobility! Strengthen your muscles through Physiotherapy in the Exercise Pool

Thermal water is an ideal environment for gentle gymnastics. The temperature of the therapy pool of the Crucenia Thermal Baths, which are connected to the health centre, is 33° C. The water is heated to this temperature gradually. At this temperature, body tissue gradually warms up. This increases the elasticity of the connective tissue near the joints, improves blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. Individual physiotherapy in the exercise pool is particularly effective because the therapist can specifically address the patient's particular movement deficit. The natural buoyancy of the water facilitates movement, usually reduces pain and often improves the range of motion. In this way, even patients with back pain, spinal problems or artificial joints can be mobilised gently and with little pain. The patient learns which exercises are helpful and effective for reducing movement limitations and for building up the musculature.

As a supplement to individual treatment, we also offer group therapy for various indications and ability levels several times a week in small groups. Exercise therapy in the exercise pool is also suitable for non-swimmers.

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