Municipal archive - House of the city history

Treasure house of the city's history

Testimonies of the city and its citizens - that is what you will find in the House of City History. More than 1 km of authentic information about and from life in Kreuznach over the centuries - that is the city archive's strength. It advertises itself as a house of city history, not as an archive, since this term is associated with the prejudice of being dusty, boring and old-fashioned. 
People from Germany and abroad use the archive, says director Franziska Blum-Gabelmann, to search for traces of their ancestors. Researchers, schoolchildren and people interested in local history immerse themselves in the records of the municipal administration and the estates of citizens and use them for book, exhibition or school projects. In particular, requests for genealogical research reach the city archives from all over the world. 
The house holds information dating back to the 11th century: Deeds, official books, files, city and building plans, posters, postcards, newspapers, letters and diaries, architects' and associations' estates. The town archive is accessible to everyone.  Free WLAN access is available in the user room. 



Haus der Stadtgeschichte

Mannheimer Straße 189-191, 55543 Bad Kreuznach

Phone ++49 0671 800 130

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Opening hours Wednesday 10.00 - 12.30, 13.30 - 16.00, registration required

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