The historical quarter – the "New Town" of medieval times

800 years ago, Kreuznach's rulers, the counts of Sponheim, transformed the town. They founded two town quarters which were separated by the Nahe river and the Mühlenteich millpond. The stone Nahebrücke bridge has connected the two parts of town since 1300, and it was on this bridge that the Brückenhäuser (bridge houses) were later built.

In medieval times, the part of town stretching from the Nahe river to the Hochstraße and from the Schloßpark gardens to Wilhelmstraße was called the New Town. Today, the oldest houses of the town are to be found here. The winding streets, the market squares, the remains of the town wall, and the dwellings on the town wall along Ellerbach brook give an idea of what the town looked like many years ago.

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