Schloßpark museum

Today, the former mansion of Rittergut Bangert manor estate is the Schloßpark museum and houses collections of the town’s past as well as art history. Parts of the 19th century interior are still intact.
One focus of the collection is the history of the Bangert manor estate itself and this shows its transition from a free aristocratic manor estate to a prestigious palace of the upper bourgeoisie around the turn of the century. The portrayal of 19th-century Kreuznach when it was one of the leading spas is a further aspect of the town’s history.
The sculptures by the Cauers, a Bad Kreuznach family of sculptors, are a particular highlight. Starting with the Biedermeier style depictions of Emil Cauer the Elder (1800–1867), the Schloßpark museum’s collection spans the artistic creations of the following Cauer generations. It shows small genre sculptures, portrait busts, funerary sculptures, monuments in public spaces, and art in architecture.
A collection of drawings, watercolours and paintings with views of the town and the region from the 19th and early 20th centuries allows a glimpse of the old Kreuznach and the beauty of the regional landscape.

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