Open-air inhalatorium and Kneipp water-treading pool

In the Kurpark gardens there is an outdoor brine inhalation park as well as a Kneipp water-treading pool to improve your health.

A breath of salty fresh air

Inhale the salt vapour produced by the graduation walls or the brine nebuliser. Salt water inhalation is highly beneficial for the airways and allows you to relax for a while.

Brine inhalation: wellness for the airways

A walk through the kilometre-long Salinental valley open-air inhalatorium breathing in the briny air is soothing and beneficial for the respiratory tract. In the Kurpark gardens of Bad Münster am Stein, there is a 100-metre long graduation wall that allows inhalation sessions in scenic natural surroundings.
With its view of the river Nahe and the thermal baths close by, Bad Kreuznach’s inhalation park in the Kurpark gardens is very popular in the summer. Two smaller graduation walls and a brine nebuliser produce the healthy brine vapour people come here to inhale. These tiny droplets penetrate deep into the bronchial tubes.

Make the most of the Kneipp pool - how to do it properly

Water-treading is one of the health treatments offered at the spa resort. Thanks to hydrotherapy, which goes back to Sebastian Kneipp, this treatment is still held in high regard today. Water affusions play an important role in this process. If you wade through water which is about 30 centimetres deep, lifting each foot out of the water completely like a stork, this stimulates the circulatory system, promotes blood circulation, and on hot days can prevent your legs from swelling. It strengthens the veins, and water affusions are regarded as good prevention against varicose veins. The immune system is also strengthened by the targeted cold stimulus. Water-treading in the evening helps you fall asleep, while the arm bath is called “Kneipp espresso". The arm bath is invigorating when you are tired or suffering from fatigue, and it improves blood circulation in the arms, heart and lungs.

Cold water applications should be carried out when your body is properly warmed up - at best from exercise. Cold affusions on a cold body are to be avoided as well as draughts. Follow water-treading with the barefoot path with its various materials to warm up your legs again. After this, just use your hands to brush the water off.

The pool is regularly filled with 6,000 litres of fresh water. Depending on the weather, the water is changed every two days to once a week (in summer months) which means a consumption of around three million litres of fresh water. The water-treading pool is cleaned twice a day.

Open air salt inhalation

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