Medicinal mud packs or fango

Heal with the power of earth, water and warmth

Medicinal mud packs in our Haslauer tubs

This is a therapy using local natural health remedies (consisting of Bad Kreuznach thermal spring water and vulcanite fango). The high heat retention of the thick pulp-like substance results in a very gradual transfer of heat to the body.

Due to the optimal, almost weightless lying in a Haslau tub, the pressure is greatly reduced and thus minimal strain on the heart is achieved.

This form of therapy has a healing and painrelieving effect. The metabolism is stimulated and the body purified.

Medicinal mud kneading (hands and feet)

In this medicinal mud application, the patient performs movement exercises of hand or foot joints in a thick, gritty mixture of thermal spring waterand medicinal mud (peloid). The appropriate temperature is in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations. This therapy serves to improve or maintain fine motor skills and joint mobility.

Heat pack (paraffin fango)

The heat pack is very similar to the well-known fango paraffin. It contains a combination of a mineral and paraffin. The heat pack is a powdery heat carrier which remains soft and supple. Lying comfort is significantly improved. The temperature is kept at a high level for a longer period than with conventional fango. The therapy goal is to activate the lymphatic system, stimulate the immune system and increase blood circulation and reduce pain through thermal stimulus.

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