We offer you different forms of electrotherapy for pain relief

Therapy with interferential current

Muscle stimulation, pain relief, tissue relaxation and improvement of blood circulation are some of the effects that can be achieved through the use of interferential current. Interferential current occurs when two alternating current circuits cross.

At the point where the two currents cross, a new frequency is created. Therapeutic effects are achieved through this floating frequency.

Therapy with high voltage

High-voltage therapy is used to relieve pain and improve circulation. High voltages of  approx. 550 volts are used here. The frequency is selectable. The electrical current is administered via very short pulse durations. It thus enables a deep effect and contributes to pain relief in the deeper tissue layers. It is also possible to treat patients with metal implants.


In iontophoresis, medicinal substances (e.g. ointments) are introduced through the skin into the body tissue by means of a direct electric current. The ointments or other substances are accelerated in the electric field and can thus pass through the skin and into the body more quickly. One area of application is with rheumatism medication, which can be introduced more effectively into the affected joints this way. Contraindications are: Cardiac pacemakers, inflammations and open wounds.


Ultrasound therapy is used to relieve pain and to support self-healing processes. The transducer applicator, which is covered with contact gel, is applied to the diseased area. By means of mechanical vibrations, the ultrasound generates both a vibration effect, a micro-massage, and a thermal effect, as the massage generates frictional heat in the tissue. The ultrasound treatment can promote blood circulation, relax muscles, facilitate regeneration and relieve pain.

Hivamat - Deep Oscillation

The Hivamat generates a pulsating electrostatic field between the therapist's hands and the patient's body tissue. This results in a unique deep and intense resonant vibration of the tissue segment being treated. Since only minimal pressure is required, this therapy can also be used for fresh traumas, wound healing and acute pain. Healing processes are thus accelerated or newly stimulated.

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