Physical therapy

A proven Team of Physiotherapists, Medical Bath Attendants and Masseurs offers you High-Quality Services with the most state-of-the-Art Treatments methods.

At the Crucenia Health Centre a complete range of treatments is available to you, including the Bad Kreuznach spa remedies and all forms of physical therapy. As a rule, your specialist or general practitioner will prescribe the therapies that are effective for you.

Thermal spring waterbaths and other medicinal baths

A soothing bath is not only medicine, it is also relaxes and increases your well-being in general. We administer our medicinal baths in the form of tub baths with naturally warm, mineral-rich water, bubble baths with thermal spring wateror carbonic acid baths.

You can find more information about our bath here

Exercise pool - individually or in a group

The exercise pool in the Crucenia Thermal Bath is particularly effective because the therapist can address the patient's specific mobility deficits. It is offered both as individual and group therapy.

You can find more information about the exercise pool here


We offer various types of physiotherapy and aim to restore, improve or maintain your ability to move and function. Physiotherapy and exercise therapy - individual and professional.

You can find more information about physiotherapy here


Our offer is very versatile and includes, among other things, all classic massages. Massages have a relaxing and regenerating effect. Experience for yourself the beneficial effects of a partial or full-body massage, foot reflex massage or connective tissue massage.

You can find more information about massages here.


Thermal spring watercombines with medicinal clay in Bad Kreuznach to create a highly effective spa remedy.

The mineral-rich mass is applied to your skin, stores heat and results in a very gradual transfer of heat to your body tissues.

You can find more information about our packs here


Electrotherapy uses various forms of current to alleviate pain and stimulate muscles. It can be used to treat all acute and chronic pain conditions.

You can find more information about electrotherapy here

Radon tunnel

With radon therapy in the radon tunnel, Bad Kreuznach has a local spa remedy at its disposal that is unique in Europe. In a decommissioned mercury tunnel, Bad Kreuznach has created the first tunnel in the world that is used for radon therapy.

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