The Bad Kreuznach Spa Remedies

Natural, location-specific spa remedies are subject to prescription. After being prescribed by a registered balneologist, you can only receive these treatments at the Crucenia Health Centre Bad Kreuznach.

With a comprehensive therapeutic concept and using our local natural health remedies "naturally warm, mineral-rich water" and "radon", patients with painful rheumatic conditions have been finding help in Bad Kreuznach for over 100 years.

The quality of our healing springs is constantly being improved. In 1999, the new "Theodorshaller Brunnen" healing spring was tapped at a depth of 500m and was officially recognised on 11 March 2005. It is a fluoridecontaining, sodium-chloride thermal water. We offer tub/bubble baths with thermal spring water and also various additives.

Radon therapy is a natural radiation therapy in the healing tunnel located in our spa area. In the course of this therapy, pain ceases,

medication can be terminated or reduced, and the effect is often long-term.

The medicinal mud packs, which are applied in the waterbed of a Haslauer tub, do wonders for body with deep effects. Patients enjoy moments of weightlessness in combination with an intense warming effect that ensures deep relaxation. Combined with massages and physiotherapy - especially in the mobility pool - you will feel the improvement in your mobility. This results in a therapeutic mix of active and passive applications.

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