Dear patients,

our Crucenia Health Centre is open for both current and new medically prescribed prescriptions!

In Germany, physiotherapy practices are under the constant supervision of health authorities. Our staff are medically trained and highly qualified professionals. If a case of Corona occurs in a physiotherapy practice, among staff or patients, the authorities are informed and appropriate measures are taken.

Our facility has always maintained high hygiene standards regardless of the occurrence of the Corona virus. However, in the current situation, we are even more prudent in carrying out these standards with greater intensity. This includes disinfecting and cleaning the equipment and couches before and after each treatment, providing disinfectants for staff and clients, as well as the use and replacement of disposable fleece for the face and body.

But you can also help us keep the practice running as germ-free and smoothly as possible:

- If you belong to a risk group or feel ill, we ask you to cancel your scheduled appointment. We will find an alternative appointment as soon as you feel better.

- Use our washrooms to wash your hands before treatment. Washing time is 30 seconds for thorough hygiene.

- If you have to cough or sneeze, please use the crook of your arm or a handkerchief. This will prevent the spread of pathogens via your hands.

Stay healthy!

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