Das Salinental, von der Sonne verwöhnt

Our climate: 2,300 hours of sunshine

Bad Kreuznach is one of Germany's sunniest and mildest regions. This is because the Nahe valley, where Bad Kreuznach lies, is an offshoot of the upper Rhine rift valley and the rain falls over the Hunsrück hills before reaching the town.

The river valley between rock walls, vineyards and forests

The town lies in the valley of the Nahe river where the Rhine Valley and the hilly Rheinhessen countryside meet the North Palatine Uplands and the Hunsrück hills. The lowest point of Bad Kreuznach's Kornmarkt square in the lowland of the Nahe Valley lies 104m above sea level. The wooded slopes on either side of the valley reach up to 322m above sea level. In Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg, the Nahe river makes its way through a narrow rock valley from the North Palatine Uplands to the Rheinhessen hills. After flowing 20km westwards to Bingen, the Nahe joins the Rhine.

Lots of sun, little rain

We have a predominantly maritime climate here with mild winters and summers that are not excessively hot. The mild climate is good for the extensive wine growing in the region. The Hunsrück hills and the North Palatine Uplands shield the town against rain clouds from the west, while the hills of the Taunus protect against wind from the east. This results in a very dry climate. With 500 to 600 mm rain/sqm a year, the town has one of the lowest rainfalls in Germany. There are only 14 days of continuous or heavy rain a year, 30 to 40 days of fog, and in summer it rains just 1 to 2 days a month. In 2022, the town had 2,300 hours of sunshine. The climate is still pleasant even during heatwaves. From March to October, day temperatures reach at least 20°C and every month there are at least 100 to 250 hours of sunshine with clear skies.

Long term statistics for temperature and rainfall

Beneficial to health and well-being

Our bioclimate promotes well-being. Positive bioclimatic factors are:

  • refreshing, cool evenings in the summer months
  • shelter from heat and wind provided by the valley location
  • even on higher ground the wind is mostly mild and strong winds are very seldom
  • enough rain to wash the dust out of the air
  • cold winter and autumn temperatures along with crisp summer evenings make for a bracing climate that strengthens the immune system

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