Elisabethquelle spring in the Kurpark gardens

The spa island, known as the Badewörth, lies between the two arms of the Nahe river: the main arm of the Nahe and the Mühlenteich millpond. It was precisely at the point where the Nahe and the mill canal separate that the townspeople first drilled for brine in 1832. The spring was named Elisabethquelle after the wife of the Prussian king. The building served as a pump room until 1989 and now accommodates a wine bar. Today, people can enjoy the benefits of brine by going to the thermal baths, taking baths at the health centre, and by means of inhalation therapy or healing earth body wraps.

The Nahe river and the mill canal flow around a small island which constitutes the spa quarter and extends to the Alte Nahebrücke bridge. A bulwark built at the tip of the island affords protection against the tremendous forces of the water during floods and when entire tree trunks crash into the walls.

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