Segway - tour with ease

Have you seen them around? Those virtually soundless two-wheelers with the rider standing upright? Gliding through parks, along roads and across the countryside at a brisk pace?

Why not have a go?

You stand upright on this two-wheeled motorised vehicle and steer it effortlessly with the handlebars by shifting your body weight. All Segway tours are supervised by a guide. There is a thorough briefing and the guides make sure that all participants can handle the vehicle properly. The tour and the speed are adapted to your needs. Safety is a top priority. Naturally, it is compulsory to wear a helmet. You can see the sights and explore more of the area in half a day than would ever be possible on foot. A 10-km tour through Salinental valley or even up to the top of the Rotenfels (red rock) massif - with a Segway it’s all fun and no work! It only takes a short while to get used to riding a Segway, then you can relax and enjoy the scenery. Sheer fun all the way! We work together with Seg-mobil, an experienced Segway operator.

Segway tour for beginners

How do you ride a Segway? So that you can enjoy the Segway experience and have fun exploring Bad Kreuznach’s alleys, parks, and Salinental valley, Bad Kreuznach’s tourist information office (GuT) offers low-priced trial courses from April on. During a one-hour course (always the last Sunday in the month), you are given an introduction to Segway riding and can practise your riding skills.

Booking and meeting point

Tourist Information Haus des Gastes

Kurhausstr. 22-24

55543 Bad Kreuznach

Phone 0671 8360050

Fax 0671 8360080

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Experience tours - Sunday : April - October always the last Sunday

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