High rope adventure course - thrills in the air!

Climbing fun for everyone on the high rope adventure course at the Kuhberg recreational park: 24 poles provide the structure for this climbing paradise 8 metres up from the ground, featuring steel cables, bridges and beams.

Climbing fun for all

Great fun for beginners and climbing fanatics alike. Let the adrenaline flow during this extraordinary adventure up high and enjoy magnificent views of the Naheland region. Ultimate safety guaranteed with the innovative ExpoGlider system.

Mastering this challenge in a team, climbing station by station, is pure adrenaline. Safety is a top priority. A coach supervises the climbing fun and makes sure that the thrills are absolutely safe thanks to safety systems. It is ideal for team building. The low rope course is also perfectly suitable for primary school pupils.

High rope adventure course Bad Kreuznach

Peter Biegel, Company Ropeventure, Rheingrafenstr. 5414, 55543 Bad Kreuznach

Phone 0671 920 8290

Opening hours

Opening times:

April - November

Saturday - Sunday 2 - 6pm, Thursday - Friday 2 - 6pm

(not open during unfavourable weather conditions)

Outside opening hours for groups of 10+ persons on request.

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Bouldering hall - climbing for beginners and the more experienced

The Gravity bouldering hall in Kreuznach offers a climbing trail for beginners, experienced climbers and professionals alike.

This megatrend in climbing promises the perfect total body workout: bouldering. Several 4.5-metre high walls are located on 750 square metres in the bouldering hall. In addition, there is a central block in the middle of the hall with a high walk-on platform. There are routes (bouldering problems) with a total of seven levels of difficulty, so that everyone can find the right challenge and calculate the risk precisely. The boulders have professionally bolted holds to create routes. You only climb up to the point where you can safely jump off, making a harness and rope superfluous.

Bouldering hall Bad Kreuznach


Industriestr. 12, 55543 Bad Kreuznach

Opening hours

Monday - Saturday, 11am - midnight, Sunday, 10am - 11pm


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