Who can benefit from Kreuznach’s remedies?

What diseases and ailments can the “Kreuznach method”, i.e. the combination of treatments with medicinal water, radon inhalation and physiotherapy, provide relief for?

Known medical indications

Rheumatic diseases

Chronic polyarthritis, arthropathy psoriatica, ankylosing spondylitis, degenerative spinal disease (e.g. damaged discs), other spinal disorders (e.g. bad posture, sequelae of developmental disorders, inflammatory diseases and traumata), degenerative joint diseases (arthroses), soft tissue rheumatic diseases, arthritis urica (gout), follow-up treatment of musculoskeletal system after injury.

Gynaecological disorders

Chronic inflammatory disorders of the genital disorders, endocrine disorders (ovarian insufficiency), menopause, convalescence after gynaecological operations, osteoporosis.

Respiratory diseases

Chronic unspecific inflammation of the respiratory tract, emphysema, bronchial asthma, rehabilitation after unspecific lung diseases and after lung operations.

Vascular diseases

Prevention of heart and vascular diseases, functional heart and circulatory disorders, compensated hypertension, minor peripheral arterial circulatory disorders, non-acute venous diseases.

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