Healthy air in the Dead Sea salt grotto

The Dead Sea lies just around the corner

Totes-Meer-Salzgrotte in den crucenia thermen

Well, at least 17.5 tons of salt from Jordan’s Dead Sea does! This is the amount of salt formed into 12,000 bricks - just salt without any additives. These bricks were used to build the sea salt grotto, which is connected to Bad Kreuznach’s crucenia thermen thermal baths.
The warm dry air of the crucenia Dead Sea salt grotto is enriched with 21 minerals, half of which are not available in Europe. An inhalation session here in meditative light promotes a sense of well-being and health. Wearing comfortable casual clothing, you recline on loungers in pleasant temperatures of 22 to 23°C.
The pure ionised air in Bad Kreuznach’s salt grotto combined with soothing music and soft lighting helps you unwind and enjoy a state of deep relaxation. Regular visitors to the salt grotto hope the inhalation sessions will have a beneficial effect on skin conditions, respiratory disorders and stress.
Families with children also enjoy the natural therapy and atmosphere in the grotto, especially those with children suffering from respiratory illnesses. The centre therefore has two separate grottos with a waiting room to allow adults requiring peace and quiet as well as families with children to enjoy this unique microclimate.

Gesundheit aus dem Toten Meer

crucenia salt grotto

Kurhausstr. 26, 55543 Bad Kreuznach (in the thermal baths)

Phone 0049 671 991432

Fax 0049 671 991417

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday 8.30am - 7.30pm

Duration of one session: 45 minutes

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