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Bad Kreuznach and Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg with their mineral springs are one of Germany’s most beautiful spa resorts. Our town lies in the middle of the Nahe region, surrounded by nature which is sometimes idyllic and sometimes imposing, like the Rotenfels (red rock) massif. Due to its excellent air quality, Bad Münster am Stein is also a recognised health resort. The various health and wellness treatments available here make it possible for you to enjoy total relaxation and simply forget about the stress of everyday life.

Get healthy and stay healthy

Aside from preventing illness and improving your level of fitness, the clinics in our two spa resorts are largely concerned with restoring patients’ health. State-of-the-art medical and therapeutic knowledge and expertise serve to maintain the highest standards in health treatment. Bad Kreuznach has two hospitals offering emergency care, a hospital for rheumatic diseases and seven rehabilitation clinics specialising in the fields of rheumatology, oncology, psychosomatic disorders, cardiology, and paediatric rehabilitation. The Crucenia Health Centre offers outpatient treatment in the fields of orthopaedics and rheumatic diseases. Bad Kreuznach’s medicinal brine (originating from a mineral spring) and radon are used here. Prevention and resort therapy can be combined with a relaxing holiday including a variety of wellness treatments.

crucenia thermen thermal baths

In their unique location directly on the river Nahe with vineyards lying opposite, the Crucenia thermal baths offer rest and recreation. Indoor and outdoor pools filled with salt water from Salinental valley help promote a sense of healthy wellbeing and pure relaxation.
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Crucenia Health Centre

The pool complex at the neighbouring crucenia thermen (Crucenia thermal baths) is connected to the Crucenia Health Centre. The Crucenia Health Centre is your expert partner for outpatient treatment.
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The Bäderhaus sauna complex

Discover one of Germany’s finest sauna complexes by visiting the BÄDERHAUS. Wellness can be enjoyed to the full here in an entire world of sauna and spa culture offering a multitude of treatments for the body and soul.
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Crucenia Dead Sea salt grotto

In the Crucenia Dead Sea salt grotto, you can experience the positive effect of inhaling the salty air and improve your health and wellbeing. A session in the salt grotto brings relief to everyday complaints like fatigue, lack of concentration, migraine and insomnia.
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The power of the medicinal springs

Thermal medicinal water is Bad Kreuznach’s most important local remedy. It is used with success to treat a number of symptoms and in Salinental valley, Europe’s largest open-air inhalatorium, it enables you to breathe freely. Try it out for yourself!
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Salinental valley – brine inhalation

A stroll through Salinental valley is not just a pleasurable health experience, it is also a walk through the 400-year history of salt extraction.
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Pain therapy with radon

In a disused mine, Bad Kreuznach boasts the first tunnel in the world to be used for radon therapy, and is thus able to offer a local remedy which is unique in Europe. Radon therapy can be a natural alternative to taking pain relievers.
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Rehabilitation clinics and balneologists

As a spa town, Bad Kreuznach has a number of balneologists and rehabilitation clinics specialising in many different conditions and diseases.
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