Radon therapy in Bad Kreuznach

Radon therapy: Bad Kreuznach has its own local remedy unique in Europe. In a disused mercury mining adit, Bad Kreuznach has created the first tunnel in the world to be used for radon therapy.

There are similar facilities in Austria, Russia and South America, but no other site offers better conditions for the elderly and those with poor circulation.
The air in the radon tunnel contains a low and absolutely harmless concentration of the radioactive gas radon. Radon gas is produced by radium which occurs in the igneous rock of the massif.
Dr Karl Aschoff, a chemist from Bad Kreuznach, discovered radioactivity from radon in 1904. Inhalation therapy has been used since 1912. By stimulating the immune system, radon can help successfully treat diseases such as

  • ankylosing spondylitis
  • chronic polyarthritis with low disease activity
  • degenerative spinal diseases (spondylosis, spondylarthrosis, osteochondrosis)
  • degenerative joint diseases (osteoarthritis and osteoarthrosis)
  • chronic gout
  • non-articular rheumatism
  • ovarian insufficiency
  • menopausal complaints
  • minor peripheral arterial circulatory disorders
  • allergic respiratory diseases (hay fever, asthma)

In a pleasant and almost dust-free atmosphere of dry, warm air, patients inhale in the radon tunnel in ten sessions of one hour each. The physical half-life of radon is 3.8 days; its biological half-life is just 20 to 30 minutes. In other words, the body discharges half of the radon in this time. The positive effects of treatment are produced by the radon stimulating the metabolism. A long-term study has proved radon therapy to be particularly successful in alleviating pain for sufferers of ankylosing spondylitis. Many patients are able to do without painkillers and avoid the damaging side effects these cause for some time after therapy.

Radon therapy is prescription-only. Please contact a balneologist or Crucenia Health Centre.


How can I obtain radon tunnel treatment?

Treatment in the radon tunnel must be prescribed by one of the local balneologists.
2. Senior doctor Dr Jöckel, internist and rheumatologist, is the medical director of the radon tunnel.
3. The doctor sets the total number and length of the inhalation sessions.
4. Inhalation is done at a pleasant room temperature.
5. Patients remain fully clothed during treatment.
6. Inhalation appointments are made and paid for at Crucenia Health Centre. The health centre will also answer any other queries.

Healthy breaks: inhalation treatment in the radon tunnel

You can combine a course of radon therapy with other health centre services as part of a spa treatment package. The package includes the following services:

  • radon tunnel (radon therapy)
  • salt water mud pack treatment
  • 1 week's admission to the salt baths (8 sessions plus medical examination)

€ 225,00 per person
Information: Tel. +49 (0)671 83 600 150
Room reservations: Tel. +49 (0)671 83 600 860

You will find other healthy break packages in the package deals section.


Crucenia Health Center
Kurhausstraße 22–24
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Tel. ++49 671 83 600 150
Fax ++49 671 83 600 860

Radon tunnel – disabled access


Radon therapy in the Bad Kreuznach radon tunnel is also easily accessible for people with walking difficulties.

Neither circulatory nor heart diseases are a bar to using the facility.

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Fifteen spas are members of the Euradon association. Euradon promotes scientific radon research, informs the public about the therapeutic benefits of the radon therapy and offers serious research results, press cuttings and publications.