Bad Kreuznach - town with charm and character

Culture around every corner, a backdrop of breathtaking scenery, hospitality, a buzzing town centre - ideal for shopping or an excellent glass of wine - a pleasant climate and a huge range of spa and leisure facilities: Bad Kreuznach has plenty to offer. The following pages will give you a taste of the unique sights and sounds which define our town.


Location and Climate: Mild and sunny in the south west of Gemany

Mild, sun-soaked, rain poorer - the rest of the country could easily be jealous of the climate of the Middle and especially in Bad Kreuznach. And why our weather thanks to bio-climatic factors also already well-being of your benefits, please click here.

City tour: Bad Kreuznach in pictures




In Bad Kreuznach, you can discover many different attractions: historic houses and churches, monuments, etc. The most important we have put together an overview. Here you learn the most beautiful parts of our city to know!

History: Bad Kreuznach yesterday and today



For 2,000 years, people living in what is now Bad Kreuznach. The evidence reported by the Romans, knights, spa treatments and the change of living conditions. Come along on a journey through the eventful history of our beautiful city.

Guided City Tours: Discover Bad Kreuznach


Learn the most interesting aspects of our city with one of our guided walking tours to know that we offer at regular intervals over the entire year. Culture, nature, history, secluded places - Bad Kreuznach has a lot to offer. 

Museums: culture for all generations

The face of the region through the ages, important works of art from different centuries, a fascinating insight into the magical world of puppet theater - Bad Kreuznach museums offer a varied view of history, culture and more.