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Graduation: 1:25,000. 1 cm on the map, 250 metres in the nature.

The map shows on the topical state (2012) all ways in the region surrounding Bad Kreuznach.

The map offers valuable information and holiday tips. She is in the tourist information in the house of the guest, Kurhausstr. 22-24, for 6.90€ available.

Natural wealth

The nature reserve "Naturpark Soonwald-Nahe" surrounds the hills of the Soonwald forest and the valley of the river Nahe on a surface of 736 km2. The reserve offers a huge number of different sceneries: He reaches from the harsh-nice high-level surfaces of the Hunsrück, about the quartzite combs of the Soonwaldes rich in legend up to the vinyards in the very sunny and dry close valley.

Bad Kreuznach lies in the southwest of the health resort park and distinguishes itself once again by many regional specific features. There are many rary and protected plants and animals which find perfect living conditions in the hot and dry climate of the rocks of Saline Valley.

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Salinental valley: a walker’s paradise

View in the valley of the river Nahe

Bad Kreuznach and Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg are the gateway to the Naheland region and quite simply a walker’s paradise. Bad Kreuznach is the “base camp” for the North Palatine Uplands.

Hills, forest, vineyards and meadow all border the spa region. This beautiful countryside is easily accessible and its paths and walking routes are excellent. Even Bad Kreuznach forest (the Stadtwald) has a network of 80 kilometres of trails. Just click on the links on the right to open or download a map of the each trail in pdf format.

The Bad Kreuznacher Stadtwald forest covers a total area of 726.5 ha. Geologically speaking, the forest is part of the Münster am Stein igneous hills. Its altitude ranges from 100 m to 250 m. Annual precipitation is on average an extremely low 450 mm. Such a combination of different natural conditions creates amazing diversity - river valleys with strict conservation areas; Mediterranean habitats with rocky substrate and a hot, dry climate. Plants usually found only in Mediterranean countries – for example the Montpellier maple - grow and flourish here. Open oak and beech woods contrast with majestic pine forests; stream valleys succeed glacial dunes.

Vineyards and parks add to the area’s unique character. Hardly any other region offers such diversity on this scale. Nowadays, the forest is both a source of raw materials and the “green lungs” of the town, where locals and visitors exercise and relax. The fascinating dry plant communities in particular are a treasure trove for visitors.

TourNatur: the Grand (nature) Tour

TourNatur: the Grand (nature) Tour

An 18-kilometre long trail winds round Bad Kreuznach and Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg. It gives walkers a flavour of the natural beauty of the Naheland region.

The “TourNatur” trail has been awarded the Deutsche “Wandersiegel” quality seal for “premium trails” by the German hiking institute (Deutsches Wanderinstitut).

Rock formations, river valley, forest, vineyards and meadows, spa gardens, castles and breathtaking vistas – this region has everything a walker is looking for.

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Ten walks to download

KH 1 – Salinental valley walk

A walk along the River Nahe from the Kurpark gardens to Salinental, the “saline valley” (level)

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KH 2 – Oranienberg walk

A walk from the Kurpark gardens over Kauzenberg hill and Oranienberg hill with wonderful views of the River Nahe and Roseninsel island. The trail takes you through the forest and there are a number of ascents.

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KH 3 - Rotenfelsweg (Red-Rock Walk)

From Kreuznach’s Kurpark gardens to Rotenfels, the highest sheer rock face north of the Alps. A magnificent vista over Ebernburg castle to Donnersberg hill. Demanding!

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KH 4 - Dachskopfweg (badgerhead- walk)


A gentle forest walk starting in the Kurpark gardens. Quiet, birdsong and panoramic views.


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KH 5 - Lohrer Forest walk

The route leads over Kauzenberg hill along the forest fence to Lohrer Wald forest – perhaps with a stop off at the museums in Bangert manor.

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KH 6 Stegfelsweg


Starts in Salinental valley – extremely steep ascent towards Rotenfels – a walk for the energetic hiker.

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KH 7 - Via historica

Starts in Salinental valley – extremely steep ascent towards Rotenfels – a walk for the energetic hiker.

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KH 8 - Emil-Jakob panorama walk

The most popular walk in the town takes you from Salinental valley past imposing rock formations and forest. Spectacular panoramic views.

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KH 9 - Rheingrafenstein walk

A 90-minute walk through the Stadtwald forest to the ruined Rheingrafenstein castle. Steep in parts.

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KH 10 - Altenbaumburg walk

A gentle walk through the forest south of the city to Altenbaumburg castle (where you can stop for a bite to eat) with scenic views of the North Palatine Uplands.

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