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The following list shows all vineyards which have taken part in 2011 with the big Weinprämierung "Vinum cruciniacum". On this occasion, a jury determines the best wines in the different categories.

Nahe-Valley: the home of wine with character

Bad Kreuznach has over 70 winegrowers and more than 700 hectares of vineyards, making it one of the largest wine-growing areas in the Nahe region. The districts of Bosenheim, Planig, Ippesheim and Winzenheim in particular still have the unique historic charm of wine-growing villages.

The Nahe region has an extremely dry and mild climate, which is essential to the excellent wines which have been produced here since Roman times. Vines in the area thrive on a diverse range of rocks and soils, and this diversity produces wines of a rich and varied character. Quality vines grow on steep slopes and gently rolling hills, on red rock, quartz and porphyry, and in clay and loess soils.

The most widely grown grape – and the best known internationally – is the Riesling, which produces a light, fruity white wine low in acidity and strong in character. Sylvaner, pinot gris and pinot blanc are also widely cultivated. The main red wines are Dornfelder and pinot noir; Portugieser is also grown.

You can find more information on the Nahe wine-growing region on the Weinland Nahe e. V. website.

Weintestival am Mühlenteich wine festival

12 leading Bad Kreuznach winegrowers will be presenting a “drop of their good stuff” on Friday, 8 June and Saturday, 9 June 2012 at the Mühlenteich wine festival. The tree-lined avenue in front of the bridge houses on the Alte Nahebrücke is the picturesque backdrop to this relaxed and sociable event, the perfect place to enjoy the mild summer evening.

The Weint(f)estival is exclusively for winegrowers from Bad Kreuznach who have entered their wines in the wine tasting for the “Vinum Cruciniacum” award. “Vinum cruciniacum” is awarded to the best wine in each of nine categories. The Mühlenteich wine festival is the largest showcase of winegrowers in the town.

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Our winegrowers


There are dozens of winegrowers in Bad Kreuznach and hundreds in the wine region as a whole to visit. What better opportunity could there be to buy excellent wine at low prices straight from the grower?

Online directory of local winegrowers in the Nahe region

All contact details are available here: Winzerverzeichnis Weinland Nahe e.V.


Straußwirtschaften – “wine taverns” in the Nahe region

Weinland-Nahe e.V. publishes a detailed directory of the many Straußwirtschaften in the Nahe region. These cosy pubs are run by the winegrowers themselves and are only open during the wine season. The directory can be downloaded here:

Download Straußwirtschaften brochure