Open-air inhalatorium and Kneipp wading pool

In the Kurpark gardens there is an outdoor brine inhalation park as well as a Kneipp wading pool to improve your health.

A breath of salty fresh air

Inhale the salt vapour produced by the graduation walls or the brine nebuliser. Salt water inhalation is highly beneficial for the airways and allows you to relax for a while.

Make the most of the Kneipp pool - how to do it properly

Improve you health and well-being by using the outdoor Kneipp facilities in the Kurpark gardens:
walk barefoot over stones of different shapes to improve the blood circulation in your legs and stimulate the pressure points (reflex zones). Try out the arm basin by dipping your arms into refreshing cold water for 30 seconds: first the right arm then the left, immersing each arm up to the elbow. High-step through the cold water wading pool: this helps improve your blood circulation and stimulates bodily functions. The arm basin has a stimulating effect on the body whereas wading through cold water in the evening, for example, can help you to sleep better.

Water wading in the Kurpark gardens

Open-air inhalatorium and Kneipp facilities

Kurhausstr. 28, 55543 Bad Kreuznach (Kurpark gardens)

Phone 0049 671 8360050

Opening hours

April - November 8am - 9pm

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